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                           PQI INSTRUCTOR TRAINING - PHASE I

Phase I covers:  design and management of the riding program; building the team; the horse; physical, cognitive and emotional disabilities; development and postural responses; tack and adaptive equipment; resources; horse handling; equine gait analysis; developing your eye; and, horse and rider working together.

Faculty members Stephanie Fleck (L) and Pam Hayes-Houldin (R).

Instructor-in-Training (IT):  Volunteers, family, program administrators, medical and/or mental health professionals, support service personnel, etc.

Instructor:  Current riding instructors, therapeutic riding instructors, program directors, medical and/or mental health care professionals with equine and equitation experience, etc.

Master Instructor: Individuals with the background and experience to be educators in the field of equine assisted activities.

Auditor:  Individuals having successfully completed Phases I and II in the past (and have not completed Phase III or more than 3 years has passed), PQInstructors completing continuing education hours, individuals interested in gaining more information, etc.

Marissa learns to role play a rider with "Central Field Loss."

  • PACTH Members - $425.00
  • Non-Members (includes same year membership) - $475.00
  • Auditor - Member $150.00

Julie - "Oh woe is me -- they want me to stand out here all by myself and teach!  And stay in the center of the ring!"

Registration includes all materials and handouts.  Deadline and late registration information can be found on the registration form.  The PACTH reserves the right to close or cancel the course because of insufficient enrollment and/or unforeseen circumstances.  All persons registered will be notified if a cancellation becomes necessary and all fees paid will be refunded.

Click here for a "General Overview" of Phase I

Click here for a Phase I "Registration Form"

Click here for a description of the riding test and for the "Riding Questionnaire"

Instructor-in-TrainingOpen-book exam requiring a grade of 80% or above.  Candidates do not take the riding exam.

InstructorClosed-book exam requiring a grade of 80% or above.  Must achieve a passing score (see registration packet for details) for the Instructor level riding test.

Master InstructorClosed-book exam and essay exam requiring a grade of 90% or better.  Must achieve a passing score (see registration packet for details) for the Master level riding test.

To upgrade from one level to the next - for example IT to Instructor or Instructor to Master, the candidate must audit Phase I or II and submit application and payment to re-test (both written and riding) at the higher level.

Completion of the Phase I Instructor Training is only the first of three phases to be completed for certification.  Candidates will receive a letter of phase completion only.  Certificates will be awarded only after successfully completing Phase III.