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Candidates should be involved in equine assisted activities and should have been utilizing the theories and skills introduced in Phase I: selection and training of mounts, methods of knowledge transfer, therapeutic riding techniques, the anatomy of the horse and how it moves, rider and horse moving together, mounting and dismounting techniques, use of volunteers and assistant instructors, goal setting, lesson planning and hands-on teaching.  Phase II is designed to be a mentored practical application of skills.

2016 Phase II Information
2016 Registration

Participants must be 18 years of age and have successfully completed Phase I.  On occasion, individuals with very strong backgrounds in teaching and disabilities may, with the approval of the PACTH Education Committee, take the Phases out of sequence.

  • PACTH Members - TBD
  • Non-Members (includes same year membership) - TBD
  • Auditor - Member TBD

Registration includes all materials and handouts.  Deadline and late registration information can be found on the registration form.  The PACTH reserves the right to close or cancel the course because of insufficient enrollment and/or unforeseen circumstances.  All persons registered will be notified if a cancellation becomes necessary and all fees paid will be refunded.

Registration Information to be posted soon.

A lunch package will be available for purchase (be sure to check the meal package on the registration form - $36.00).  All other meals are the responsibility of the attendee.  A mid-morning and mid-afternoon break with refreshments will be available.

Practical examinations will be administered for all candidates - IT, Instructor, Master:  horse handling, lesson planning, mounts and dismounts, teaching a private lesson for a physically disabled rider and teaching a private lesson for a cognitively disabled rider.  A combined score will be assigned.

Anyone who did not successfully complete the written and/or riding tests in Phase I, please remit $25 for EACH re-test to be taken at Phase II.  Individuals who are attempting an upgrade should remit $100 for the upgraded practical application skill tests, written test and riding test in addition to the auditor fee.

Completion of the Phase II Instructor Training is only the second of three phases to be completed for certification.  Candidates will receive a letter of phase completion only.  Certificates will be awarded only after successfully completing Phase III.